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Long process, fast rollout.

Rebranding is one of the most challenging projects marketing can undertake. Gelato makes it easier to launch the new version of your most important asset. Launch your new brand with Gelato.

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“We have lots of offices around the world. With Gelato we’ve standardized the quality and make sure it’s the same around the business."
Rachel Waring, Group Marketing Director, Survitec

A faster, smarter, and greener way to roll out the printed materials with your new global brand


Instantly update the files available with one click

Use one library and simply manage access to files and editable templates of your materials. Templates give teams the ability to customize their versions of the material while staying brand compliant.

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Brand Manager

How can I trust our employees to use our new logo correctly?
I’ll make our brand style guide and logotypes easily available

VP of Marketing

How do we make sure we use the new brand from Day 1?
How do we make sure everyone has what they need in time globally?

Marketing Manager

How do I support so many stakeholders?
What if we had one library with different folders and access rights?


Order new materials to all your locations all over the world in one step

With local printing in 30 countries and delivery to over 100 countries, orders are delivered in a matter of days. Local printing means less mileage to travel and no customs clearances needed.

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One platform from creation to production

Use the Gelato platform as a natural part of the file creation workflow. Keep designers, translation teams, and approvers working off and reviewing the most updated files.

The benefits of digitizing your print process


Join hundreds of global businesses who depend on printing every day

Jotun reduces print delivery distance equivalent to a trip to the Moon

Gelato has enabled Jotun to cut the delivery distance of its print material by 373,000 km in 2018, reduced associated CO2 emissions by 113,000 kg, and decreased print costs by 47 percent.
373000 km shipping distance saved

Hardinge: How we removed our internal print facilties

Gelato eliminated the costs of leasing, maintaining, and staffing the machine, buying ink and paper, and shipping prints manually.
-50 % total cost of printing

ESI: limiting its environmental footprint around the world

In an effort to support this ambition, ESI is working with Gelato to change its historical practice of printing and storing printed material in Paris before shipping it as needed around the world.
-70 % shipping distance saved


Managing 50 dealerships in 35 countries is easy for Club Car

Club Car deployed Gelato to their distributors, resulting in less admin for marketing and a better brand experience for the customer.

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Local printing in 30 countries

Delivery to 185 countries

Local billing in 53 countries with 31 currencies

Selected features

Price calculator

Chose format, quantity, country, and see prices immediately.

Multi-Language Support

Use our platform in 13 languages, including Danish, Germany, Dutch, French, Norwegian, Swedish, Portugese, Korean, Japanese, Chinese and Russian.

Editable templates

Create master print templates that can be easily customized. Change text, currency, logos, and exchange images without the help of a designer.

Business card flow

Enable users in your company to order new business cards from their computers or mobile devices with a simplified ordering process.

Bulk Ordering

Send different prints and quantities to multiple offices around the world in one order.

Payment and approvals

Credit card, Payment request or invoice. Limit selected users from placing an order without it first being approved.

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Learn how we manage global printing in a more sustainable and efficient way.

Faster. Smarter. Greener.

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