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Localize your print material with help from our language partners

The Challenge

Most global companies struggle to localize marketing collaterals into different languages. Many try to manage translations internally which often creates frustration both from those who have to translate and those who´s job is depending on help from internal translators or proof readers.

Brand Control, or lack of control, is another issue as design files are sent for translation to colleagues sitting in the regions. Marketing managers often experience that during localization, not only language but also design is changed. In a global company with presence in multiple markets, this becomes a problem.

The Solution

By creating a triangle between your design agency, translation agency and Gelato, your company will get better brand control, reduce time to market and achive full cost control for printed materials. The design agency creates the master design. Translation agency localizes into the preferred languages, uploads the print ready files to Gelato, and informs the relevant people.

Translation partner

LanguageWire is a global translation provider that believes in simplifying the localization process to provide customizable solutions in 500+ language pairs. For over 20 years it has invested in innovative technology and talent to ensure that multinational companies and institutions can engage with their customers and colleagues effortlessly, regardless of their language or culture.

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“We have made it our mission to help our customers take their business global and simplify the translation process for them. Many of them are also looking for an easy-to-use, cost-efficient, and eco-friendly solution for printing their translated material locally, and that is exactly what Gelato offers. We are proud to partner up with Gelato and look forward to develop this partnership and joint services on a global scale”
Véronique Özkaya, CCO - Global Division at LanguageWire

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“Nine months after activating Gelato in Hexagon Europe we saw total cost of printing reduced by a third. Gelato will now be rolled out across our entire operation worldwide. Printing locally gives us faster delivery and we end up ordering less but more personalized print. Our ambition is to reduce print volumes by 50% and transportation distances by 90%”
– Stephen Graham, Vice President Marketing for the Manufacturing Intelligence division of Hexagon