Get access to printers worldwide

Share health and hygiene information with your employees

  • Printers in 30 countries, reaching 6 billion people
  • Reliable delivery, 48 to 72 hours from order to delivered prints
  • No hidden fees, no minimum order quantity
  • COVID-19 Posters for the workplace available (hygiene and health information)

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Keep business flowing

Gelato is committed to help global companies manage their business critical printing during these difficult times.

Pay only what you print.
Use Gelato for individual or multiple orders. We will support you despite the fact that you don't have contract in place. We expect nothing in return. The first order will be paid by credit card, contact us thereafter for invoicing possibilities.

Cost control.
On-demand and local production has never been more important. Your delivery costs are dramatically reduced. Your print volume is cut down to an absolute minimum.

Fully operational.
We have 70+ print facilities in 30 countries, each of which is connected to our software. We have multiple distribution partners in most countries and are committed to supporting you in cutting costs and staying open!

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Digital asset management solution

One platform - one library.
Manage all files from one platform. Store, share and edit files.

You control who prints what, where and when.

Align your team.
Ensure that your Marketing and Sales teams access the latest brochures, reports and more, wherever they need them.

Access, edit and order files from any mobile interface.


Cost control.
Gelato gives full cost control through real-time reporting functionality. Filter reports by country, purchaser, billing address and more. Download reports to excel and share with your colleagues within finance.

Advanced reporting functionality simplifies print budgeting processes.

User management and Access control

Access control.
Admins control who has access to what and can easily add or remove users.

Local billing

Save time and costs.
Gelato has either a local entity or local VAT registration, and can invoice your local entity with local currency and VAT.

Multi language support

Gelato´s Business Printing Service supports 13 languages and more to come. English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Dutch, Norwegian, Swedish and Danish.

Single Sign-On

Seamless transitions.
Leverage the profiles within your current credential management system to create a seamless connection to Gelato Globe.

See how it works

Reading about tech is fine but trying it for yourself takes the understanding to a whole new level. With a demo, we guide you through the advantages Gelato can offer and help you find out exactly what difference our solution could make to your company.

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Frequently asked questions

Yes, we support 31 different currencies and can send invoices to local entities in local currency with local VAT rates.

We deliver to an extensive list of countries and have local production in most regions. Click this link to get a full overview of all countries.

There are no hidden fees. The total cost is shown to you before you place the orders. With local printing there are no custom fees and you do not need to deal with all the hassle with customs.

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