Effective cost control

Total cost of printing can be reduced up to 50%.
Here is how:

  1. Local printing reduces shipping distances and customs costs
  2. On-demand printing lowers volumes
  3. Digitizing print management reduces admin time

Reduce shipping distances up to 90%

The world’s second most polluting industry. 28% of all greenhouse gas emission in US originates from the Transportation sector, only beaten by Energy sector.

Print locally.
When companies shift to local printing, shipping distances can be reduced up to 90%. Hydro Extruded Solutions, a world leading aluminum producer, reduced shipping distances by 72% for their quarterly On-The-Wall Posters that were sent to 130 offices around the world.

Reduce print volumes by up to 50%

On-demand printing.
By enabling sales people or dealers / resellers to order printed material on-demand, print volumes can be reduced significantly.

Reduce excess printing (overprint).
As our customers can print on-demand, they experience drastic cuts in excess printing. No more need to throw away thousands of brochures or catalogues.

Remove the need for storage.
By moving from stock to on-demand printing, our customers experience they can do without expensive storage facilities.

Digitize print management and reduce admin time

Admin time is 60% of total cost of printing.
With smaller print runs of less than a 1000 units, admin time accounts for the majority of the total cost of printing (according to InfoTrends).

By digitizing work processes associated with printing, you can streamline the work flow and make great time cuts. One example is using editable templates instead of asking designers or agencies for help whenever content needs to be updated.

Advanced reporting.
Gelato gives you full cost control through the real-time reporting functionality. Filter reports by countries, customers, billing addresses and more. Furthermore, you can easily download reports to Excel and share with your colleagues or use for budgeting.

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