Is your printing as up to date as your business?

Is your company’s file sharing, printing and print management efficient, easy and digitized? If not, it could soon be.

The many advantages of digitalization

Reduced admin time
60% or more of total cost of printing is connected to admin time when managing a print order (less than 1000 items). Marketing Managers spend a lot of time coordinating internal stakeholders, print houses and shipping providers, especially when shipping prints globally (adding the complexities of customs etc). Gelato addresses and solves these issues.

Direct cost cuts
By using templates companies can cut down on design costs. Using a digital asset management solution with editable templates such as provided by Gelato makes it easy to create professional level designs.

Speedy and reliable deliveries
Gelato offers an end-to-end solution that enables easy tracking of every order. No more chasing shipping providers when print materials are delayed for events or trade shows.

Streamline the workflow by digitizing work processes

Marketing automation
The Gelato platform facilitates collaboration between Marketing Managers, team members and local resellers all over the world. In addition, the ability to manage all files through a single platform saves time.

Print marketing made easy
The Gelato platform is integrated with our international print network. This enables end-to-end control of digital files and physical print orders.

With an easy-to-use mobile interface, people on the go can easily access files, make edits and place orders.

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