Thu Jan 05 2017

Sapa Group Focuses on Sustainability and Efficiency in Marketing

The world leader in aluminum solutions chooses Gelato Globe to manage printing across more than 40 offices

OSLO, 5. January 2017. Sapa and Gelato announced today that they are joining forces to contribute to sustainability for Sapa. Both companies announced the aim to reduce Sapa’s print volumes for commercial printing by 50 percent and transport distances related to shipping of marketing materials by 90 percent over the next 24 months.

Sapa is the world leader in aluminum solutions providing its customers, through its global reach and local presence, with extrusions, building systems, and precision tubing. The company has 22,200 employees in more than 40 countries helping it to drive a vision to change the industry by shaping a sustainable future through innovative aluminum solutions.

The communications team at Sapa Group was looking for a solution that was equally innovative and sustainable to manage the localization and distribution of printed materials such as business cards, brochures and reports - and found a partner with the same values in Gelato.

Hilde Haugen Kallevig, VP External Communications at Sapa, comments: “We were actively looking for a new way of managing our brand and printing process in a sustainable way and came across Gelato Globe’s platform that provided us with more than just brand management. Gelato Globe offers us the capability to localize materials and at the same time significantly improving the sustainability and efficiency of the brand and print processes."

Gelato Globe combines digital brand management with the ability to print locally. The software allows print files to be stored, edited and shared through a cloud solution accessible from any device - including mobile phones. Once a print is ordered, the file gets automatically shared with the professional print house in the Gelato network that is closest to the delivery address. This enables on-demand printing, eliminates customs issues and reduces cost as well as carbon emissions.

“Print continues to be a strong tool in the marketing mix. Traditionally, orders were printed centrally and in giant quantities with offset machines. Today, digital technology enables locally produced, on-demand micro-orders. This means materials can be personalized for each audience and printed in smaller yet accurate batches. Market leaders like Sapa share our vision for a more sustainable printing industry.”