Mon Mar 30 2020

Gelato launches the world’s first self-service print API

Now any company can become a reseller of photo products over the world’s largest print network - reaching 6 billion consumers overnight.

(Oslo, 30 March 2020) Today, Gelato launches self-service access to its API service. This feature empowers companies of any size, from large brands to small creative entrepreneurs, to sell personalised print products such as posters and photo books anywhere in the world, reaching an audience of 6 billion consumers.

The global photo printing and merchandise market is $17.5B and growing at 7% annually, while the wall decor market is $13.8B and growing 9% annually (in the U.S. only), according to research firm Technavio. This opportunity has attracted thousands of entrepreneurs and innovators from around the world. “With our new self-service print API, any creative person can turn her concept into sellable wall-art and photo products and reach huge audiences without the need for investing in infrastructure”, says Henrik Müller-Hansen, Founder & CEO Gelato.


With Gelato’s easy-to-use API, any developer can deploy print functionality within its application with massive scalability - develop once and reach the world. The new self-service functionality makes this even easier. Users can register online, enter a credit card, and get access to printers across the planet within hours, not weeks.


Gelato’s distributed print network is built for reliability, with redundant production points and distribution lines. This reliability is extremely valuable for customers, especially in the turbulent times the world is experiencing now.

Borders are being closed and factories are shut, so supply chains break down. Any company that is producing photo products, such as mugs, posters, cards, calendars, in one location and shipping them around the world, struggles to deliver to their customers. Gelato has 70 printers in 30 countries and more than 40 delivery services connected to one single print cloud. The resilience of our network empowers small companies and entrepreneurs within the print industry to continue making money and serving customers, despite the COVID-19 situation.

Consistent quality

Canva, the leading design platform, and Optimalprint, the world’s most global photo product brand, are two of Gelato’s API customers. “The product quality and delivery precision that Gelato delivers can be understood by looking at how consumers rank Optimalprint on Trustpilot. Optimalprint has the highest customer satisfaction across its markets amongst all photo products providers.” says Henrik Müller-Hansen.

Personalised products are becoming an increasing part of our lives. There is an incredible amount of innovation around creating new businesses that capitalise on this trend. These businesses are design-led, their concepts appeal to global audiences. Historically, new businesses in the photo product space had to invest in physical capacity or tie up to different traditional print houses and their APIs. A process that is complex and resource intensive. “Innovators want access to simple software solutions that provide the production capacity required in a scalable and reliable way and with high quality. With our new self-service print API service, we continue to pursue our vision: letting every person on our planet share their creativity in an eco-friendly and sustainable way”, says Henrik Müller-Hansen.

For more information, please contact:
Henrik Müller-Hansen
CEO & Founder

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