Tue Mar 31 2020

Gelato announces partnership with BrandMaster

(Oslo, 31 March 2020) Gelato and Brandmaster has announced a partnership where digital assets in BrandMaster will be connected to Gelato’s global on-demand printing solution.

BrandMaster is one of Europe’s leading marketing and branding software solution companies with customers such as Mercedes Benz, BMW Nordic, Helly Hansen, Circle K, Bergans, Bridgestone, Careem and Equinor.

A frictionless process from brand management to print

“Helping our customers work smarter with their brand management is our core focus. However, if the brand manager has to contact an external agency to produce and ship the marketing material afterwards, the process is prolonged. Our goal is to make this as seamless as possible, and with Gelato we are able to offer a frictionless process directly from the customer’s BrandMaster account all the way to receiving the printed material” says Paul Rene Engejordet, product manager in BrandMaster.

Supply chain resilience

Henrik Müller-Hansen, CEO and Founder of Gelato, adds “The print industry is in total flux. Global companies will no longer accept to buy personalised prints, produced in one location and then shipped around the world. Many times this material actually does not even arrive… it is stuck in customs somewhere. This old model is risky, expensive, time consuming and polluting. The leading global companies of today want print materials customised to the local market, produced locally and only when they need it. Also with the COVID-19 situation, Gelato’s local production offers a totally unique supply chain resilience. Together, Brandmaster and Gelato make brand management; smarter, faster and greener.“

Read the press release on the Brandmaster website or the article in Computerworld (Norwegian).

For more information, please contact:
Henrik Müller-Hansen
CEO & Founder

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