Sun Mar 15 2020

Empower local communities and businesses. Globally.

In extraordinary times your supply chain is critical

We are living through extraordinary times. Due to the CoronaVirus (COVID-19), companies have closed their offices, people are asked to work from home and country borders have been closed.

We all empathise with the difficult situation. The health of our team members, clients, employees and partners is our primary concern. However, we are convinced that continuing to buy and produce has never been more important. The world of entrepreneurs and millions of jobs are dependent on just that.

For many of our customers, supply chain predictability is critical. Your business can be dependent on print material, even built upon offering print material to your customers. We are set up to deliver.

A global team with local roots

Gelato is a global company with team members working from 11 offices across the planet. We have local production in 30 countries and multiple print and delivery partners within each region. We are local in our operations and therefore relatively protected from supply chain disruptions. We get real-time information on production and logistics and will inform you of any changes that could affect our service.

The power of "glocal"

Gelato was built on the belief that all business is local. With that comes a commitment to serve our customers and the local communities wherever they are. Of course, all business is also global, with centrally controlled brands and print material.

Being "glocal" is operating globally but acting locally. When your team in Singapore needs print material, Gelato prints in Singapore. We currently produce locally to more than 5 billion people, not only empowering the local community but also securing your supply chain.

We are here to support

Gelato's staff and partners around the globe are ready to support you and hope to make a difference for your business during these challenging days - and beyond.

These times require extraordinary leadership, measures and commitment from all of us. Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.

Most importantly, stay strong and take care of one another.

Pål T. Næss, Co-Founder Gelato