Thu Jan 12 2017

Atea Norway selects Gelato Globe as digital brand and print solution

Gelato announced today that Atea Norway has signed an agreement with Gelato. Atea Norway will start managing their brand and printing over Gelato Globe. Committed to sustainability, the companies will work together to reduce Atea’s print volumes for commercial printing by 50 percent over the next 24 months.

“We are thrilled to announce that Atea Norway has signed up for Gelato Globe. Atea has chosen Gelato because we digitalize brand management and printing. In addition to saving time and reducing costs, Atea will - together with Gelato - work towards a 50 percent reduction in print volume over the coming 24 months. Together we can reduce the carbon footprint from printing”, says Henrik Müller-Hanssen, Founder and CEO of Gelato.

Atea is the leading supplier of IT infrastructure in Norway with 25 offices and more than 1,600 employees. Turnover in 2015 was NOK 7,3 billion.

Michael Jacobs, CEO of Atea Norway, comments: “As Atea is a market leader in the Nordics and Baltics for supplying IT infrastructure. Much of the value we bring to our clients is linked to digitalization and simplifying old analog processes. With Gelato our employees can now use their mobile phones as remote controls for our brand and print management. Atea wants to bring time and cost savings to our customers and this is what Gelato Globe offers us.”

Gelato Globe combines digital brand management with the ability to print locally. The software allows print files to be stored, edited and shared through a cloud solution accessible from any device - including mobile phones. Once a print is ordered, the file gets automatically shared with the professional print house in the Gelato network that is closest to the delivery address. This enables on-demand, eliminates customs issues and reduces cost as well as carbon emissions.

Michael Jacobs, CEO of Atea Norway, continues: “Together with Gelato we will be able to push the boundaries on how a progressive and modern company manages its brand and printable files. What is especially energizing is that we have found a partner that has a similar view on how technology can shape the future to become more sustainable.”

About Gelato Globe
Gelato Globe is an enterprise solution that enables end-to-end content management, including creating, organizing, and distributing corporate prints worldwide, from any device. Today, the Gelato platform supports 10 languages and 22 currencies, delivering printed materials to 40 countries via one global print cloud.