Thu Jul 16 2020

Gelato featured in Norwegian business newspaper

Gelato has been featured in Finansavisen, one of Norway’s largest business papers. Founder and CEO Henrik Müller-Hansen spoke to journalist Anders Horntvedt about Gelato’s growth, expansion and future plans.

The article is in Norwegian only, and can be read here.

Here is an excerpt in English:

"COVID-19 demonstrated the strength of our resilient and distributed network of local printers, which enables us to be close to where our customers are, and where they want to go. While other companies lost access to crucial markets overnight, we could deliver to our customers as normal," says Henrik Müller Hansen.

Gelato’s total revenue exceeded NOK 500 million in 2019, an increase of NOK 110 million from the year before, and equal to the combined growth of the four preceding years. Gelato's plan is to expand its product portfolio with apparel this year, and within a few years offer book publishing and 3D printing.

"The Gelato we have seen until now is only the beginning. Now it’s about giving entrepreneurs all over the world access to our network, and thereby also new market opportunities,” Müller Hansen says.

Read Henrik Müller Hansen’s update and outlook for the next phase of Gelato

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