Introducing the Gelato channel partner programs

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Introducing the Gelato channel partner network

Gelato is creating a global network of partners covering every continent. Our goal is to work together to engage customers, inspire them with what technology can do today to transform the way they print, and help them reorganize their internal processes to take advantage of these opportunities.

We strive to create an environment for our customers to learn about local printing and shipping, brand control, and digitization of the print ordering and management processes. Our partners support us in this mission, and help us ensure that our customers succeed in taking back control of their brand while optimizing their total cost of print.

We currently have two programs open to third parties, the partner sales, and the product integration programs.

The sales program

This program is open to potential partners who have the willingness and capabilities to help Gelato grow its sales and expand its reach.

As part of your role and responsibilities you will research your market for potential leads that fit the Gelato segmentation. You will also engage these new customers, build a relationship with them and introduce the Gelato value proposition. As a trusted advisor, you will support them throughout the buying journey in collaboration with our Gelato sales team.

Many of our queries for the sales program are from marketing, creative or translation agencies who understand customer pains and want to offer a solution. Some of them already print on behalf of their customers; and they choose to continue doing so through the Gelato Globe platform, to offer better and broader services.

To qualify for this program, you have to be confident that you have good market access, with a good sales or business development manager who understands the Gelato value proposition and is ready to take it to market. Your line of business will also need to be complementary to that of Gelato.

The product integration program

This program is open to parties who offer services or solutions that are complementary to Gelato Globe and that help us create a great total solution for the end user.

In this collaboration, we will work together to explore whether technical integration is feasible and how we can make it easier for customers and users to benefit from both our solutions. Our goal will be to connect seamlessly and create a great user experience that ensures a high level of adoption and scale.

Some benefits of our partner programs

By joining forces with Gelato, you join a young, dynamic and fast-growing technology company that is poised on disrupting the print industry. Here are some of the main benefits of our collaboration:

  • Co-branding activities with Gelato
  • Expansion of your service offering by adding new and valuable solutions
  • Strengthening of your existing customer relations
  • Gaining new customer relationships
  • Creating a new incremental revenue stream through sales commissions

In addition to that, we constantly invest in training and educating our partners so they have the latest technology and sales knowledge.

Program application

Our partners are here to make a difference, so if you share our vision and values we invite you to join us, and start a preliminary conversation. During this exchange, we will learn more about your business and tell you more about our program terms.

Every request is unique and we give it dedicated attention to make sure it succeeds. To get started, please contact our team at to introduce your company.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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