Zehnder Group uses Gelato Globe to support a global team of sales reps with marketing materials. Business cards, brochures and flyers are printed as close as possible to the sales reps offices and are usually delivered within 2-3 business days.

The world leader in indoor climate products, with offices in 20 countries, has cut shipping distances by 87% after moving to Gelato’s print platform. This led to an estimated* 81% reduction of CO2 emissions.

Challenges: overprint and inefficiencies

Previously, Zehnder printed all corporate materials in Germany and shipped them to various offices in Europe and the United States. It centralized the printing activity to avoid managing 18 different local print partners.

However, shipping prints across different countries conflicted with their commitment to manage business in an environmental friendly way. “When we got 5,000 brochures delivered on a truck from Germany and had to throw half of them away because of updates, we realized the need for a more efficient solution”, admits Øivind Haga, Zehnder Norway Manager.

Zehnder carried out an analysis that highlighted the inefficiencies and costs related to managing printing in a decentralized manner. The company decided to streamline the print process and assigned the Global Marketing Team the responsibility to look for solutions.

Spearheading this project was Fransziska Rehm, Project Manager Communication Services: “My goal was to ensure a reduced stock, lower costs, more efficient print processes and supply of print materials to our satellite offices around the world”, she explains.

An agile print platform for multinationals

Zehnder identified Gelato Globe as a solution that combines printing, brand management, billing and storage. “We were impressed with Gelato’s agility and ingenuity. The cloud software is scalable and built to meet all kinds of requirements”, states Fransziska.

The account within Gelato Globe was set up to meet Zehnder’s demands. These included permissions to limit upload rights to specific users as well as the predefinition of paper types for each print product, which enhanced brand consistency across offices.

“We’ve also fine-tuned the payment features so that a notice is always sent to the centralized marketing team, enabling full control over who prints what”, adds Gelato’s CMO Christian Sæterhaug.

The easy-to-use mobile application from Gelato enables Zehnder employees to order prints, approve payments, track orders and perform other tasks with a few clicks on their smartphones.

Switching to Gelato Globe has resulted in approximately 50% less time spent on managing printing and close to zero stock of sales materials for the Zehnder Clean Air Solution.

Carbon footprint reduction through local printing

Gelato Globe unlocks the environmental benefits of local, on-demand printing. This approach enables companies to meet their sustainability goals and ambitions.

“Sending files instead of printed materials around the globe saves a huge amount of time and it also means that just the right amount of items are printed”, asserts Sæterhaug.

After choosing Gelato Globe to manage the marketing collateral production in Europe and the United States, Zehnder Group reduced 13.000 km of shipping distances. This had a positive impact across the board. Delivery times dropped 10-12 days and carbon emissions were cut by up to 81%.

“An added plus of the Gelato Globe solution is that eliminating the shipping of printed materials to far-flung destinations significantly cuts carbon emissions and helps us protect the environment, which also supports Zehnder´s way of doing business”, explains Fransziska.

Real results for Zehnder Group

  • Shortened shipping distances by 13,000 km
  • Lowered carbon emissions by up to 81%
  • Reduced delivery time by 10-12 days
  • Decreased time spent on print administration by 50%

“Sending files instead of printed materials around the globe saves a huge amount of time and it also means that just the right amount of items are printed”
– Christian Sæterhaug, CMO, Gelato