Allan Snider, Global Marketing Director of Hardinge, decided that partnering with Gelato was a better solution than maintaining an on-site printer.

The challenge

For many years Hardinge kept a printing press at their headquarters in Elmira, New York. It served those who worked in the building quite well however it was less efficient for the other offices. In the move towards digitization, Allan identified printing, and all the work associated with it, as something to potentially outsource.

The solution

Gelato provided an option for Hardinge to manage all of their product catalogs, flyers, brochures, and direct mail pieces in one central location. The global network of local print partners also meant Allan could quickly ensure material arrived at offices within days. Having Gelato eliminated the costs of leasing, maintaining, and staffing the machine, buying ink and paper, and shipping prints manually.

The result

After calculating the costs involved in maintaining the on-site printer, the conclusion was that Gelato provided a smarter and more sustainable solution for Hardinge.

“Without going into detail on the overall cost, the result has been real cost saving. We save about 50% year to year when it comes to our printing cost and that’s everything included. I can also say with confidence that we used to print about 150% more than we do now. So the on-demand printing capability has been very beneficial in terms of the waste and has been a much greener solution for us as a company."

Allan Snider, Global Marketing Director, Hardinge