Real benefits for Hydro Extruded Solutions

  • Shipping distances cut by 72 percent
  • Significant reduction in delivery time for HQ produced marketing material, cutting it by 10-12 days
  • Local printing with maintained brand consistency across its footprint


Hydro Extruded Solutions uses Gelato to manage its printed marketing materials across 100 production sites in more than 40 countries. Business cards, brochures and posters are printed as close to the final delivery address as possible and ordered ‘on-demand’.

With a clear sustainability focus, as one of the world’s leading aluminum manufacturers, Hydro Extruded Solutions used the Gelato print management solution to cut shipping distances of its print marketing material by approx. 72 percent and reduced carbon emissions by approx. 69 percent.

Challenge: Collaborating on marketing materials across multiple production sites

Hydro Extruded Solutions has 23,000 employees based in over 40 countries and produces marketing collateral to support its sales efforts.

Historically, the group had often printed centrally in order to control the quality and brand identity of its marketing materials, which were then shipped across the globe to local offices.

The company wanted to stop this practice because of the long waiting times, excess cost and in order to minimize the environmental impact.

On the occasions where printed marketing materials were being managed locally, it had quickly become a struggle to effectively control and ensure appropriate branding. It had also led to a lot of work being duplicated, when often just a few edits were needed. For example, marketing collateral created in the US could be easily adapted for Europe, but was instead being started from scratch.

Historically, there had been very little cross-border collaboration. However, there was pent-up frustration and a desire to improve the ways in which different parts of the company worked together, especially in the production of marketing materials. And for some time, the company had been looking for a way that its centralized marketing team could provide easily adaptable branded templates to local teams.

A flexible platform allowing for central control and local flexibility

Hydro Extruded Solutions reviewed what was available in the market in terms of DAM (Digital Asset Management) tools and came across the Gelato platform, which offered more than just DAM.

From Hydro Extruded Solutions’s point of view, Gelato offered a robust and scalable solution – providing a centralized system for all marketing materials, but also a way to empower local teams.

Gelato provided Hydro Extruded Solutions with the ability to localize materials, adding text in domestic languages and editing images, without allowing centralized teams to lose control of the finished product.

For Hydro Extruded Solutions, the solution solved many of the challenges it faced in managing a global brand. It also provided the company with radically improved process efficiencies.

“To be perfectly honest, when I started to look for a solution, I did not know that a platform like Gelato existed. When I found it, it solved my challenges and at the same time provided me with the potential of significant efficiency benefits” said Hilde Kallevig, VP Communications at Hydro.

Hydro Extruded Solutions did not want to stop using print, believing it to be a great way of communicating with the company’s stakeholders. But it had been looking to print less and for a better and more efficient way of working with printed marketing material for the good of the environment. The sustainability gains offered by Gelato played a major role in its selection.

By using Gelato, Hydro Extruded Solutions did not just cut delivery times, print process admin and CO2 emissions, it also achieved greater control over its brand and quality of prints than ever before.

Summary of Gelato’s benefits

  • Delivery of prints to 100+ countries on-demand reduces the need for stock of printed materials
  • Sending print files to local print houses instead of printed materials reduces shipping and carbon emissions
  • Whether a company has a few or thousands of employees, teams are easily onboarded to Gelato and users can be managed individually or by groups
  • Sharing print files or assigning payment methods and shipping addresses is quick and easy
  • Mobile solutions support fast ordering for a global sales force

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