Abertay University participates in over 1000 student fairs each year. As one of the most digitally-focused universities in the world, they wanted a smarter way to get their beautiful prospectus into the hands of potential international students.

The challenge

Doug Watters, International Recruitment Manager, and his team prepared for international events by sending materials in advance from the University's location in Dundee, Scotland. Too often boxes would fail to reach the final destinations in time, getting caught up in customs or logistics issues along the way. As an institution that prioritizes sustainability, Doug also wanted a more environmentally-friendly way of managing it.

The solution

Gelato provided the greener option Abertay University was seeking. The global network of local print partners meant prospectus brochures were printed locally near the event venue and delivered within days, reducing the risk of misplacement and eliminating the need for customs clearance.

The result

After initially trialing the platform for some of their key markets, Abertay found Gelato's end-to-end solution to be friendly and convenient, and it saved thousands of miles in transport. The shorter print runs also allowed the team to make customized versions of materials for students who had interests in specific fields.

“We attend, as a relatively small international recruitment team, upwards of 400-500 events per year all around the world... We’re very keen to reduce our carbon footprint, and Gelato helps us to do that by essentially printing in-country so we’re not having things freighted from Dundee all around the world."

Doug Watters, International Recruitment Manager, Abertay University