Microdrones® is a global aerial mapping technology company that offers ground-breaking and reliable unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) developed for the surveying, mining, construction, oil & gas and precision agriculture industries.

Founded in Germany in 2005, the rapidly expanding company has engineering centers and manufacturing facilities in Germany, Canada, France, China and the United States, as well as a sales, support and distribution network across six continents. To serve new geographic and vertical markets worldwide they chose to partner with Gelato to support their marketing with a print on demand solution in these new regions.

Managing marketing material faster and easier with print on demand

"At Microdrones, I am always looking for quicker and easier ways to do things on a global platform. Gelato helps us print and distribute much-needed print materials to our ever-expanding dealer network and customer base, in a fast and easy way.” says Creative Services Director, Justin Palmer.

Gelato offers Microdrones the ability to organize, manage and produce all their brand and marketing material through their software platform and print on demand solution. Because Gelato operates locally in 30 countries, **print material can be produced and delivered faster, with shorter shipping distances and fewer carbon emissions, making printing smarter, faster and greener. **

End-to-end fulfilment to optimize resources and efficiency

With hundreds of employees and growing, Microdrones needs to ensure that their resources are put to work in the most efficient way possible. This is especially true of marketing, which has had to carefully balance the needs of the business, sales and dealer networks, as well as stay on top of an ever-changing product and services offering:

There is no way our marketing team could manage the ins and outs of getting our digital files printed and distributed with the efficiency we currently enjoy using Gelato. They truly make life easier by taking the leg work out of getting your files to the printer, in ready to print form, with all the shipping details worked out for you. That’s huge when you are working in the fast-paced environment of marketing,” Justin explains.

Staying agile and ahead of the game in a competitive industry

Operating in a competitive environment, dealing with new entrants, as well as existing players, Microdrones has to remain agile and laser-focused on its mission and thousands of customers. Especially with the introduction of their new drone surveying service (mdaaS), that allows customers the option to either buy or rent their fully integrated Microdrones solution as well as gain access to their professional grade data processing software.

The trust built between Gelato and Microdrones allows them to do just that, working in collaboration to enhance Gelato’s platform to suit Microdrones’ expanded requirements, including new features such as digital asset management, new delivery markets and soon, apparel.

Customer support that makes companies do better

“There are similar companies popping up in this sector, but one thing that I as a customer have found distinguishing about Gelato is the fantastic and quick support when issues do come up, not to mention the constant quest to better themselves and what they bring to the table. I am grateful to have Gelato as a resource, to help me and my team do our job better,” Justin concludes.

Gelato is delighted to grow alongside Microdrones and has been excited to see the new and creative innovations it has released since starting their journey, enabling their customers to carry out drone surveying for 3D mapping.

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