Zehnder Clean Air Solutions provides a holistic service for industrial air cleaning, focusing on the manufacturing, logistics, and food and beverage industries. Based in Sweden and consisting of 120 employees across 15 countries, Clean Air Solutions is one of four product lines within the Swiss indoor climate solutions parent company Zehnder Group International AG, which employs 3500 people across 20 countries.

The challenge

The Zehnder Clean Air Solutions marketing team has a global scope supporting sales activities, building the brand, and engaging customers. The team is also responsible for driving brand awareness, which in turn accelerates sales. However, despite the large investments companies make to improve the air quality of factories or warehouses, Zehnder’s air cleaning systems are often out of sight, hanging from the ceiling. Consequently, employees and site visitors rarely notice the Zehnder brand.

The solution

After implementing Gelato in 2014 as a more sustainable and streamlined way to print, the marketing team found Gelato freed up a significant amount of time and energy previously consumed by managing printing. “Without Gelato, the printing process would be harder and more time consuming. Imagining working without Gelato would be like the Stone Age!” says Nadja Funkner, Head of Marketing for Zehnder Clean Air Solutions.

The move to digital printing through the Gelato platform also provided an opportunity for the marketing team to be creative customizing customer materials. Creating a new asset for just one customer was now possible. While considering how to improve Zehnder’s on-site visibility to increase brand awareness within their customers, the “Clean Air Certificate” was born. Zehnder sales representatives encourage their customers to place their personalized Clean Air Certificates prominently in production facilities, logistics warehouses, or offices next to their ISO certifications.

The certificate was designed as an editable template on the Gelato platform which was then made accessible to the entire Zehnder Clean Air Solutions sales team. The template includes sample text featuring a pre-approved list of metrics and accomplishments. A sales person simply fills in the customer’s name, selects which bullet points to include on the certificate, and orders a few copies to the office.

The result

“For us, Clean Air Certificates are a great image boost, and we believe they positively contribute to customer retention,” says Funkner. Zehnder customers have been quick to adopt the concept, which showcases their dedication to employee safety and their commitment to an improved work environment. “I love the Clean Air Certificates. They are easy to create and order, and customers love them too,” says Andreas Björkegren, Area Sales Manager West Sweden.

As one of Gelato’s earliest customers, Zehnder has been a key part of the technology’s growth and improvement. “In my opinion, Gelato really cares about customers and never lets them down. Gelato wants everybody to feel more than satisfied. Of course, things can go wrong, but when that happens they are right there to solve the problem quickly. I have rarely experienced such outstanding customer service,” continues Funkner. “I am sure many companies benefit from Gelato, but since Zehnder contributed a lot to what Gelato is today, I have the feeling Gelato was especially made for us.”