Delachaux Group provides solutions to half of the world’s railways, two-thirds of the world’s seaports and half of the planes in our skies. The family-owned organization was created in 1902 and today employs more than 3,200 people in over 35 countries. In 2018, the company generated revenues of €923m.

The challenge

To serve a truly global organization, Delachaux’s communications team needs to ensure corporate materials are available across the organization’s 90 locations to inspire their local teams.

To do this effectively, communications needed to find a way of improving its cumbersome print management processes. Creating collateral was always exciting in the beginning -- the initial writing and design flow worked well. Then the problems would begin. Translations often resulted in different page layouts because new designers had to account for the varying text lengths. Then the admin time required to manage shipping and delivery was simply too high and sometimes resulted in further complications, such as delays at customs, which frustrated the process and damped enthusiasm.

The solution

When searching for a better way, Delachaux found Gelato. Not only does Gelato solve its production and distribution challenges, the platform provides a powerful brand management solution that empowers international teams.

Gelato provides an easy way for the team to keep their address and file library current. With all digital assets in one place, design creation is now easier, especially when multiple stakeholders are involved.

The introduction of Gelato partner LanguageWire also smoothed the translations process for Delachaux. LanguageWire, one of the world’s leading language service providers, now provides the communications team with fast and seamless translations that maintain the original design and expand the reach of marketing materials.

“Gelato and LanguageWire are highly complementary. We currently produce documents in 17 languages, which is highly important for a global company,” says Delachaux Communications Manager Jean-Baptiste Leger.

“It’s very easy. People are happy to receive high quality printed materials so quickly.”

The result

Gelato has unlocked value at throughout Delachaux’s file management process and provided a complete end-to-end solution. Today Delachaux benefits from increased efficiencies in the early design and translation stages to the final distribution, and all with streamlined costs.

“For a lower cost than the old way of doing things, with Gelato we can print more documents, translate the material in more languages, and ship all over the world!” says Leger. “Things are now possible that were never possible before.”