In the Life Sciences industry, technology is a critical investment, but it moves fast. New machines or even upgrades can mean new processes or incompatibilities for existing products in the market. For Meridian Life Science, a specialist in the production of large scale manufacturer of diagnostic assays, keeping their product material current to the latest technologies is critical for sales.

The challenge

Andrew Stevens, Senior Designer, needs to ensure the company's sales teams and distributors always have the latest information. Seemingly small changes, like increasing the quantity of units per pack, must be reflected in the product catalogs. Other more urgent updates could be around new technology that is rapidly being adopted by their customer base.

The solution

With all of their files in one place, Meridian Life Science can see immediately what their sales teams can access. Files are removed or updated as needed. With the option of printing on-demand in small batches comes customizability. Different versions of documents can be created for different regions or buyers.

The result

Not only can Andrew update files in minutes, but he can also see the activity within the entire Meridian Life Science account. The transparency provides intelligence on his most active sales teams, the rate at which material is being used, and the preferred documents. In addition, since converting to a smarter, more sustainable on-demand printing model, the company's print volumes have dropped overall.

“Our customers-- they're very dynamic in terms of how they progress technology in the labs. What we find with that is the technology is diverse. So as soon as they adopt a new technology, we need to reflect that in our, in our communications ... We need to reflect that our products can also support that technology. And that leads to us revising a lot of our collateral."

Andrew Stevens, Senior Designer, Meridian Life Science