Hexagon is a global leader in sensor, software and autonomous solutions with over 20,000 employees in 50 countries.

The challenge

Headquartered in Sweden with offices all over the world, Hexagon relies heavily on technology to streamline operations. Marcel Brand, Senior Director of Global Marketing and Communications for the Manufacturing Intelligence business unit, faced the challenge of keeping the global sales teams updated with ever-changing marketing material.

The solution

Gelato's on-demand local printing model proved a good match with Hexagon's needs. Updated marketing materials are available instantly across the platform, and digital printing allows the teams to only order what they need-- eliminating wastage due to refreshed materials. Local production also resulted in faster and more eco-friendly delivery than before.

The result

After initially starting with business cards, the marketing team now relies on Gelato's technology for all of their print marketing needs. Gelato enables Hexagon to go-to-market more efficiently with the ease of sharing new materials and the speed of local production.

“We are living in a fast moving world. We are updating our solutions very often. The customer demands are changing constantly. That means also the marketing material is changing constantly. So you print thousands of copies [just] to reprint after another month, and this is definitely not helping for a sustainable environment."

Marcel Brand, Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence