Printing itself only accounts for just 15% of the total cost of the print process. Admin accounts for a staggering 60% and the logistics of transport and delivery for 25%. There is clearly a huge amount of wasted time and effort!

That’s because, when it comes to commercial printing, global businesses have long done one of three things, they’ve either...

  1. Printed centrally: Printing in one place before shipping to locations around the world, adding 40-50% on top of print costs and requiring lead times of 3-4 weeks (only to be met with custom issues, which slows the process down even further). And then the result is often questionable translations and materials that never quite work for their intended markets.

  2. Printed locally: Carrying out the complicated and costly process of managing local suppliers from a HQ. Finding a host of reliable partners in the first place and then dealing with cost allocations and a lack of brand control that can see wildly different results, depending on who produces the material (and where).

  3. Printed BOTH centrally and locally: Combining both central and local printing for double the hassle. This is the most common choice; meant to provide the best of both worlds but - all too often - providing the worst.

It’s been a hassle

The total cost of printing is much greater than what companies normally focus on, which is the price per unit. From sourcing printers, procurement processes, time spent emailing designs back and forth, discussing with various offices about who needs what amount of which material, it’s been a hassle.

We actually did a study in collaboration with PWC, and found that 5-10 percent of employees in businesses were involved in printing in one way or another. So if you add together the direct costs of print, along with the indirect costs, and multiple it by eight across the organization – well, you can see that it adds up!

Problem solved

The good news is that Gelato’s end-to-end brand and print management software has put an end to the pain and hassle, providing one system for all production of commercial prints.

Gelato Globe intelligently allocates print jobs to high quality print houses within the Gelato Network, in over 60 countries. This means prints are produced close to the delivery address and normally within 48 hours. There is no need to coordinate print partners.

Teams across the world are given access to company print files in the cloud and can modify them within templates, enabling the tailoring of content for local markets, while global brand consistency is maintained.

As everything is carried out in one system, centralised control is ensured, with complete oversight of cost and process; right down to who is permitted to print what, along with records and reports of everything that’s happening. But it also allows for local flexibility, enabling controlled editing of print files to suit the need of a country, event or customer.

Suddenly, companies have the best, rather than the worst of both worlds (and a lot more time!)