Our first goal is to reduce shipping distances by 90% when distributing print materials to offices around the world.

We do this by searching our network of local print partners for a printer near your material’s final destination that is capable of producing products to your exact specifications.

Gelato has partners in 25 countries and 4 continents and ships to a further 40 countries, meaning that wherever you are, we’ll be able to find a quality printer that is almost certainly closer than the service you were using before.

Not only is this a win for you, it’s also a win for the planet.

Reducing shipping distances reduces carbon emissions by cutting down on cross-continental plane flights.

This helps your company meet its sustainability targets and is a great selling point for environmentally conscious customers.


Secondly, we aim to reduce your company’s total printing volumes by 50%.

Shorter shipping distances make it much cheaper and faster to order smaller quantities of printed materials, instead of bulk-ordering brochures to make sure you don’t pay for another batch to be flown overseas.

When implemented, this saves you from throwing away stacks of outdated and unused paper, saving the environment while you save money.

At Gelato, we aim to achieve these figures within 24 months from joining forces with a company.

Although this may seem ambitious, our current clients have seen real results.

Zehnder Group is a world leader in indoor climate products.

Its operations span twenty countries, meaning that efficiently distributing promotional materials internationally is an essential part of its marketing strategy.

Since partnering with Gelato, Zehnder has been able to cut its shipping distances by 87%.

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This has reduced the company’s carbon footprint by a staggering 81%.

It has also saved the business tens of thousands of euros annually.

Zehnder is one of many customers satisfied with Gelato.

Try our services yourself, watch us hit those magic numbers, and see your print problems fade away.