In April of this year, we announced our launch in Brazil, which is the largest economy in Latin America and the 8th largest in the world. By landmass it’s bigger than continental US.

For marketers looking to distribute their brand and marketing materials on the ground in one of the world’s largest countries, there are a number of things to consider. Here is what you need to know when it comes to managing printing in Brazil.

Customs can be problematic

It’s not uncommon for large economies, especially in developing countries, to be fairly domestically orientated, and Brazil is no exception. This can provide challenges for global companies doing business in the country, even when they have a physical presence on the ground.

Importing goods for example, is not simple and can be a lengthy process. This can be highly problematic for marketing teams, for whom getting timely printed materials in front of audiences is of real importance. Delays not only risk causing prints to be too late to have the intended impact, but they can also encourage the over-order of materials ‘just in case’, to mitigate against the risk of running out and an inability to get more prints quickly. Storage costs and waste of stockpiled materials, when they inevitably become outdated, is part of the headache. In addition, import taxes can add up to 20% on the total cost.

However, Gelato produces prints locally in Brazil, intelligently allocating jobs to our professional network printers in the country. Rather than needing to send physical materials across borders, local production leapfrogs the import challenge. It also enables quick production and delivery thanks to short transport distances, meaning storage and over-ordering are no longer issues! These radical efficiency gains mean Gelato Globe users can see delivery distances of their materials cut by up to 90 percent and volumes reduced by 50 percent!

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The southeast is key

Brazil is big! It’s larger than continental US, but the major urban cities (São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro) are located in the southeast.

This is logistically important. São Paulo, which is Latin America's biggest city, is the business centre of the country and the top spot for trade fairs and business events, where printed marketing materials are so important.

90% of demand for commercial printing in the country originates in the southeast and that’s where Gelato has printers.

Thanks to this proximity, prints can be produced and delivered just in time within São Paulo for example. This is a big improvement on the days, weeks and even months that it can take to get material imported and transported across Brazil’s vast distances.

There is a wide range of printers (and quality)

Brazil has the complete spectrum of printers, from the high quality print houses used by Gelato, to subpar outfits that offer questionable results. For those outside of the country looking to print in Brazil, ensuring high quality and the production of materials that are consistent with brand values, is of course essential.

However, not only can they be faced with finding the right partners, often starting with little knowledge of the options available, they then have to enter negotiations on pricing (sometimes in Portuguese). It can be a real pain for global companies and a big drain on resources, without guarantee of a favourable outcome.

Gelato has already secured the best partners and provides complete price transparency. The Gelato Network of printers meets rigorous standards to ensure products are as close to identical as possible, no matter where in the world they’re produced. This includes using the latest high end machines, including HP Indigo printers, and starting every day with calibration processes to ensure best practice when it comes to brand management.

The result is the same brand control in Brazil as in every other Gelato location around the world.

Key summary

  • Print locally and reduce shipping distances up to 90 percent. In addition you can remove custom issues and costs
  • Local printing enables short-run, on-demand printing. Print what you need when you need it
  • The Gelato solution has easy-to-use interfaces, allowing distributed teams to manage printing over mobile

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