Calendars, cards, folders, notebooks, notepads, posters and roll-ups for your home office

How to make your home office look professional

Working from home is new for many of us. Away from colleagues, no physical meetings or meeting rooms. This guide will highlight essential stationary that you can use to make your workday more efficient and also make your home office look more professional. All products can be ordered from your Gelato Globe account.

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Our folders can be personalised with your brand and the employees details. They keep all material organised when working from home, and looks professional when sending papers to a customer.

Tear off Notepads

Gelato's notepads are offered in 9 different sizes from A3 to Square and can easily be designed and personalised to suit your brand.

Roll Up Banners

What do people see when you are having video calls? Our roll up banners can help provide a neutral background for work calls, while also showcasing your brand. We support standing roll up Banners in 2 sizes, suited for all markets.


Another way of making your room more professional can be a poster on the wall, including a logo from your company. Exists in multiple versions and sizes, something that suits all walls.


We have a range of different cards to be used in multiple ways. Cards are used to thank employees working during this time, to send personalised messages to clients and prospects and lastly as celebration cards to commemorate work anniversaries, birthdays and promotions.

Table Calendars

As the weeks go by, it is also handy to have a standing desk calendar. We provide ready made templates which have a variety of different calendars, to suit the location they are going to.

Notebooks and Diary Planners

We also offer notebooks with different binding options and sizes. These can be customised to have the person’s name, email and phone number on it and you can also add an editable text box in the inner cover page to boost employee morale and keep them motivated.

We created a diary planner out of our notebooks by designing the inner pages and have used them to keep our days on track and note important events. We’d be more than happy to provide a template or guidance on how to create your own brand specific diary planner.

This is our complete Gelato working from home guide. Please do reach out if you have any questions about implementing these formats or how to create them.

And - if you have little ones at home, do check out Optimalprint‘s School@Home product range. Our consumer side of the company offers a variety of educational material which can be used to entertain and teach children during this time.

Calendars, cards, folders, notebooks, notepads, posters and roll-ups for your home office