It's now easier than ever to manage the print materials supporting your events and meetings.

Need to add a little instruction?
Add a short note to the delivery label upon checkout (140 characters or less) to give instructions or a description of the contents. This can be especially helpful if shipping to a guest staying in a hotel.

Do you have a custom label?
Currently being tested for EU shipments
Upload your own separate label to be printed and stuck on all parcels in your order and ensure your materials are sent to the correct booth or storage area. Supported formats: PDF and MS Word documents of A4 (297x210mm) or smaller.

No forklift on hand?
Large orders of multiple parcels were automatically bundled into a pallet for cost savings and the protection of the materials. However, we realize not all locations support such large deliveries. Now customers can request large orders to arrive in separate parcels rather than a single pallet.


  • Delivery notes now available in all markets
  • Upload your own label to be stuck on your orders delivered within the EU
  • Opt for separate parcels instead of a pallet on large orders