By Christian Sæterhaug

There are no partnerships without compromises, and this is also the case when you are co-branding with channel partners.

While co-branding with channel partners can be an effective strategy and pave the road to new markets, it can also involve complex and time consuming processes, challenge your brand’s identity and make it difficult to stay in control of costs.

Keeping sales material on brand, time and budget

Today, co-branding is often limited due to the complexity of coordinating hundreds, and sometimes thousands of partners. While selling your products, these partners are also building their own brands, and in most cases they prefer co-branding when hosting events or handing out material in sales meetings.

In order to achieve brand control, co-branding is most often either restricted, or fully left to be managed by the channel partners. In the latter case, brand ownership is outsourced to the partner, which often results in off-brand execution such as the format or colours being wrong, the distributor’s logo is a sticker across your headline, or half the logo is bleeding off the page.

Add to that the uncomfortable feeling of having no complete overview of how much was printed, where and what it cost.

In the case of restricted co-branding, you risk investing hundreds of hours in co-branding the material to include your 350 nationwide distributors before you send it off for them to print and place so that sales will soar.

Global marketing with local production

The main reason why this is happening is because companies lack a tool that can help them manage their marketing products, allow for a collaborative co-branding process and ensure consistent results.

Gelato gives you access to a platform that enables your channel partners to seamlessly co-brand all marketing collaterals. Recently the platform was enhanced with a new design editor for co-branding that enables your channel partners to access updated templates that they can customize with their own logo and contact data.

The platform is connected to a global network of printers that secure consistency and high-quality production.

Seamless co-branding

  • Save all your templates and files in one place. This way not only channel partners, but also your marketing team will have easy access to e.g. brochures and reports where and when they need them.

  • Give channel partners access to templates, and the freedom to customize and co-brand material.

  • Allow your channel partners to request an approval before ordering prints, ensuring that all material stays on brand.

  • Allocate budgets per channel partner, making it easier for you to keep track of, but also incentivise, marketing spend.

  • If you don’t want to pay for the prints, the platform allows the channel partners to pay by credit card or invoice.

  • Stay on top of who prints what, how much, where and when. Reports can be extracted per country, billing entity, user, user group and more.

  • Because we print and deliver products locally you can reduce shipping distances by up to 90% and print volumes up to 50%.

Print smarter, faster and greener

Gelato has built up a network of more than 80 professional and trusted print and logistics partners in 30 countries. This network enables us to print and deliver branded marketing products anywhere in the world within 72 hours.

Today, many companies produce prints centrally in large batches and ship prints to thousands of distributors. This drives carbon emissions and print waste, takes more time and costs more money.

As your company grows, so will hopefully your number of distributors and resellers. This also means that co-branding may become even more challenging. Read about how Club Car took control of their brand, and learn more about how we can help you.

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