If you attended college or university, chances are printed prospectuses helped you decide where to spend a hugely important part of your life.

In fact, the usual practice for millions of prospective students each year involves collecting and browsing literature from a range of higher education options, before narrowing down and making applications.

Fairs and events are held across the world that provide students with the chance to meet school representatives and find out what is on offer. There is rarely a better time to make introductions and form relationships; as one student put it “(attending a college fair) I learned about colleges I had never considered”. Collecting literature for in-depth consideration is a big part of the process and vitally important to both parties.

For universities and colleges, this means updating and printing tens of thousands of beautiful high-quality brochures, flyers and leaflets every year. These materials effectively help ‘sell’ the institutions’ capabilities in an increasingly competitive market and act to inform prospects in making their selections. Having pinpointed a target audience, print is a particularly cost-effective communications strategy, especially as it’s said that “print is 59% more engaging for users when compared with online articles”.

Having no information to hand-out is not an option; it’s therefore common for institutes to over-order materials to make sure there is always plenty of stock. However, when the next academic year starts, the remaining materials are rendered obsolete and written-off as wastage.

Gelato provides a more efficient approach.

Higher education institutes can order prints on-demand and, since they’re produced close to their delivery destinations, they arrive quickly. This eradicates the need to over-order ‘just in case’.

The localized printing approach also saves academic institutes from needing to transport goods across borders. This is incredibly important for universities and colleges attending international education fairs to meet with international students. Rather than printing materials and shipping them to events, which often involves tariffs and delays, materials are produced close to where they’re needed.

The beauty of the Gelato Network of print partners is that prints are consistent across the globe. What prospects are given in Milan is the same as received by those in Paris or San Francisco or any city in the 101 countries that Gelato serves.

Of course, the solution is also much more environmentally friendly. Colleges and universities are able to demonstrate a large reduction in the transport distances (and associated Co2 emissions) associated with their printed goods, and that’s a powerful message.

Nowhere are printed brochures and prospectuses more important than in helping students navigate their route through higher education. Gelato is proud to help educational organizations simplify the process for securing their next class of graduates.

Email me at christian.s@gelato.com to discuss how we can help you.