For the past two years, Hydro’s Extruded Solutions division (previously Sapa Extrusions) has used Gelato’s software platform, which enables global companies to manage their brand centrally and print locally, to achieve better cost control, fast delivery and to reduce wastage.

Following Sapa’s acquisition by Hydro, and its proven success using Gelato, the brand management platform is now being rolled out across Hydro’s global business.

Hydro is a fully integrated, leading aluminium company and one of Norway’s best-known brands with 35,000 employees in 40 countries.

Its aluminium is all around us; in buildings, boats, wind turbines, cars, household appliances, packaging, computers, and food beverage containers.

Brand consistency throughout marketing and sales is extremely important to a global company like Hydro, which recently launched a new visual identity.

“For a for global company like Hydro, brand consistency is extremely important,” says Hilde Kallevig, Head of Brand and Marketing at Hydro.

“We recently launched a new logo, a new visual identity, and it's very important for us that the entire company knows the brand identity. We need to have firm control of how the logo and the visual identity is used, but on the other hand allow the organization to adapt locally. In this way we think that Gelato is a very good tool.”

With local printing in 29 countries, reaching 6,3 billion people in more than 100 countries, Gelato has built the world´s largest cloud printing platform, enabling global brands to deliver their brand locally and on-demand.

We’re delighted to bring the benefits of the world’s largest print cloud to one of Norway’s best known brands with more than a century of experience in renewable energy, technology and innovation.

Gelato sat down with Hilde and Jacob Nilsen to discuss their thoughts. Watch it here.