CMOs of global companies face a continual dilemma.

On the one hand, you want to keep your branding consistent, so that you build up recognition across the world.

On the other, you know that different customers are receptive to different sorts of marketing, and recognize that small tweaks to your business’s brochures and flyers can go a long way.

So how do you give local marketing teams the flexibility they need, while still ensuring that you can monitor their work to make sure the key features of your brand stay the same?

A good print management solution may be the answer.

The best systems will allow the owners of content to freely and easily allocate permissions to view and edit materials to different individuals, while still maintaining ultimate power over the final product.

They will allow you to lock certain fields or images while leaving other areas of a product customizable, so that local teams can add details that will appeal to their customers.

This lets you launch a global marketing campaign that maintains the consistency of your brand while adapting to local markets.

It also helps you avoid hours of attempts to co-ordinate strategy calls across continents, and the hassle of continually exporting documents to PDF and emailing products back and forth to discuss minute changes.

Now you can simply open up one centralized platform, view and approve the changes your local teams have made, and make edits of your own.

Good solutions will also permit experimentation by local marketing teams, by letting employees order small quantities of printed materials at a time.

This makes it easy to try new things, keep the bits that work, and scrap the parts that don’t.

A print management solution that performs these functions makes it easy for you to adapt to new markets and achieve the best results possible across the world.

Don’t let old software limit you to second-best solutions.