By Christian Sæterhaug

Gelato has launched an app that enables you to optimize the use of your marketing funds while building picture-perfect partnerships.

Many companies are seeing the importance of working with channel partners to boost sales, especially in the countries where they don’t have sales teams, or because direct sales have become more difficult due to COVID. But while co-branding can help increase your revenue, it also raises the complexity of managing your marketing funds.

Optimize your marketing material to drive sales

While channel partners often use a range of different marketing activities to drive sales, their main strength lies in their local know-how and relationships. That’s why offline channels such as events and trade shows are stronger for channel partners than the digital channels. This requires physical promotional materials, such as giveaways and brochures.

Control who prints what, where and when

Managing marketing funds for prints and promotional products has historically been complex. According to Gleanster Research’s ”The State of Co-op and MDF”, 52% of available marketing funds are never used, meaning billions of dollars are left on the table instead of being used effectively to attract potential customers.

Gelato's new solution simplifies how you manage your marketing funds to encourage partners to market your products, while also staying in control of spending.

The platform enables you to

  • Allocate a budget per Channel Partner for print products
  • Create reports on who prints what, how much, where and when. These reports can be extracted per country, per department, per user and more
  • Give channel partners access to your templates, and the freedom to customize the material
  • Have your channel partners request an approval before ordering prints, ensuring that all material stays on brand
  • Allow the channel partners to pay by credit card or invoice, if you don’t want to pay for the prints
  • Go green. With on-demand and local production you can reduce shipping distances by up to 90% and print volumes up to 50%

As your company grows, so will the number of Channel Partners. Handling marketing funds and co-branding will become even more challenging.

Let us support you

Gelato’s network of more than 90 professional and trusted global print partners allows you and your channel partners to order customized marketing products and have them delivered anywhere in the world within 72 hours. Because we produce most of your products locally, production costs are lower, shipping distances and carbon emissions are reduced, making your company faster, smarter and greener.


Photo by chuttersnap on Unsplash