Why does a business that advocates small and frequent on-demand digital printing also offer large volume offset capabilities?

Ultimately it’s because we’re able to bring many of the same local production benefits, including better rates, shorter delivery times and reduction of carbon emissions caused by transport, to organizations dealing with large quantity offset printing!

But by offering offset, we’re also best placed to help customers transition to on-demand printing in the most efficient way possible.

We work with our customers towards a ‘90/50’ vision, whereby we reduce print material transportation distances by up to 90% and cut print volumes by 50%. This is achieved through a combination of localized and on-demand digital printing.

Where old print practices are highly engrained and the revolutionary approach that we advocate requires company culture shifts, transition periods are needed.

This can take time and should only happen in a way that’s comfortable to the individual customer. Being a full one-stop-print-shop, means we’re best placed to remove the complexity and make the transition as easy as possible.

Beneficial for both Customers and Partners

We added offset capabilities with little fanfare last year as we worked with existing print partners to begin the process and to gather learnings. Many of which have offset print machines alongside the digital presses that we were already using. This is great for our partners as adding the offset machines (they already have) to the Gelato Network means they’re able to benefit from more print job allocations. The big difference now is that we enable large volume offset printing fully integrated with our platform.

Working with our partners and expanding our global reach with best-in-class offset print houses, we’ve ensured the very highest of quality production, which customers have come to expect.

Moving towards 100% sustainable local printing

All of this means that global businesses can today handle all of their printed marketing needs within the Gelato platform.

Digital printing continues to take market share from offset presses (digital process will see the fastest growth across 2017-2022), but offset still has a large presence on the world print landscape! We’re now fully equipped to meet customer demands, whatever they might be.

No longer do global companies need to find, coordinate and manage multiple print and delivery companies. Nor do they need to ship prints large distances and deal with customs and delays. No matter what their print requirements, we have the solution!

To find out more, please contact me (christian.s@gelato.com), your account manager, or our support team (support@gelato.com)