It's 7pm. You've just left the office, thinking about the big meeting in 4 days. Mentally recounting the materials prepared: the presentation, the proposal, the sales quote... it hits you -- last week you ran out of business cards at a conference. And you need to get new product catalogs because of a technology update.

Now with the Gelato Globe app, print materials can be ordered on the go. Whether it's new business cards or more brochures, orders placed on the mobile app before midnight are produced the next business day.

Cutting it close? Send the delivery straight to your destination-- your hotel, regional office, or wherever you are going, so it meets you there.

The Gelato Globe app supports ordering print-ready materials, customizing editable templates, checking order history, tracking shipments, and viewing general account activity.

Free to download and simple to use on any Android or iPhone.


  • Log in to your existing account to access and browse your library
  • Sort and filter your library view by file type, product category and/or language
  • Support for editable templates, such as business cards
  • Place an order with direct invoice payment
  • Track your orders and print spend anytime, anywhere