Gelato partners with Xplanation to simplify the translation process

We’ve partnered with Xplanation, a global provider of translation solutions, to simplify translations for our global customers.

Ensuring that painstakingly crafted on-brand and on-message marketing materials are faithfully reproduced, across markets and languages, has always been a big challenge for global companies.

Nowhere is it more important than in printed material. Once print is out there, it’s out there as a physical representation of your brand.

To manage translations within global companies, the approach has often been to send design files to the relevant regions for processing.

For example, a global manufacturing customer of ours used to create design files centrally and send them to a internal translation coordinator, who would open the files and copy and paste the text into Microsoft Word documents. The coordinator would then send the documents out to 15 different colleagues for translation. After chasing for responses, the translated texts would be copied back into PDFs and sent to a different set of people for proofreading. This was repeated for every file.

For many businesses, external translators and proofreaders need to be enlisted because there aren’t the resources internally. This adds an additional layer of partner coordination and management, which convolutes the process further and requires yet more admin.

Such processes also result in a loss of control. For example, marketing managers often witness not only language modifications, but design modifications too. Maintaining a consistent tone of voice is jeopardized by the sheer number of people involved and a lack of centralized direction and accountability.

Ironically, brand marketers can sometimes be reluctant to use external translation partners at all - because they fear the subject matter is too technical - without realizing that their product marketers (within the same company) are already using external translation partners. There can be real disconnects within the same organizations.

The translation process can certainly be complex and risky. It’s big business, and as an industry, is forecasted to grow to 45 billion US dollars by 2020.

That’s why Gelato has partnered with Xplanation, a company that has been simplifying the localization process for over 20 years and provides solutions in 500+ language pairs.

As Gelato centralizes print management, Xplanation centralizes the translation process. The intention for the partnership is to connect our two customer portals and offer customers a range of complimentary services.

The result will be much more simplified and efficient processes; for example, customers will be able to create a master design for Xplanation to translate, Xplanation will then be able to directly upload the print ready files to Gelato for us to produce and deliver.
Print materials can be delivered to 72 countries, through our platform. Due to localized printing, we’re able to work with customers to reduce transport distances of materials by up to 90% and reduce print volumes by 50% (as on-demand printing means only ordering what you need). Xplanation is able to offer 20–40% faster time-to-market and up to 60% lower translation costs.

Our two services together will provide huge efficiency gain potential!

Customers will benefit from better brand control, reduced time to market and full cost oversight and control of printed materials.

To find out more, please get in touch with your account manager or book a demo on this page.