By partnering with Gelato, American fintech company Affirm can now offer partner stores an easy-to-use user interface that allows them to personalize marketing materials, order locally-printed materials on demand or create digital files.

Gelato’s network of printers streamlines a process that could easily comprise 10-20 touch points between Affirm’s teams and their partner stores down to a single workflow.

Staying on brand, time and budget

“Gelato’s network gives our merchants easy access to high-quality marketing material. We stay on brand, save time, money, and reduce our carbon footprint,” says Allison Pulley, Omnichannel Program Manager at Affirm

The San Francisco-based company, aims to build honest financial products and services that empower consumers and improve lives. The service enables consumers to pay over time at more than 6,000 merchant partners including Walmart, Audi, Peloton, Adidas and Oscar de la Renta.

Built for scale

Affirm co-brands marketing materials with merchant partners to let users know that their service is available in store.

For smaller merchants, Affirm would send print files to be printed locally, making it challenging to enforce brand guidelines. For larger merchants, such as Audi of America, Affirm’s marketing team handled end-to-end printing, covering everything from initial design to small design edits later in the process.

In response to strong growth, Affirm found they needed a scalable on-demand printing solution that could grow with them.

“Rather than focusing on a long list of design requests or edits, we can now focus our time on growing relationships and exploring channel marketing possibilities with our store partners,” says Pulley.

Collaboration to accelerate growth

Affirm and Gelato have already grown together: both companies worked closely on several platform improvements, including a new design editor that allows merchants to download personalized files in PDF rather than print.

“Gelato develops the platform based on what we need, not what is. We help them push the boundaries of technology, and they help us accelerate our brand beyond our existing markets,” Pulley explains.

Gelato is thrilled and humbled to grow and learn with Affirm, and support their continued success in empowering consumers to pay with confidence.

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