The largest and most success brands have access to some of the most creative and strategic marketers in the world.

Untold hours are spent painstakingly developing the perfect campaigns, and supporting print materials are crafted to convey the intended messages and represent the brand in a very specific and consistent way.

Yet all too often, hastily crafted prints still find their way in front of customers.

You might notice instances when out; perhaps there’s a black and white print-out, featuring Clip Art and/or even Word Art, advertising a meal deal at a well known fast food place.

Maybe there’s a handwritten poster telling you there’s a flash sale or a limited time at a big clothes store.

It’s not surprising considering the logistical challenges facing big business in getting physically materials everywhere they’re needed. It’s even more understandable if the business is trying to capitalise on market specific and time sensitive opportunities.

Consider a retail brand with numerous outlets all over the globe, each region needing tailored materials, or a restaurant chain/franchise that wants to further promote a particular product that is proving popular. If such demands rely on a request being made to a centralized marketing team who then designs the materials - in keeping with brand guidelines - then immense resources is going to be required to keep everyone happy.

If those bespoke materials are then printed centrally and shipped (also having to clear customs) and delivered to each delivery address, the turnaround time could take, at the very best, weeks and maybe even months.

We believe the answer lies with templating and local print production.

Gelato supports editable templates that can be customized. This means that, should companies so wish, they can give their team the ability to change the text and images within saved pre-approved templates. This ensures brand consistency while giving teams the freedom to quickly capitalize on market specific opportunities. As everything is carried out in one system, centralised control is ensured, with complete oversight of cost and process; right down to who is permitted to print what and how much, along with records and reports of everything that’s happening.

As Gelato intelligently allocates print jobs to high quality print houses within the Gelato Network in over 70 countries, prints are produced close to the delivery address and delivered quickly.

Now, in the time it takes for a local team to fire-up a Word document, ‘design’ a piece of material and figure out how to connect the old printer in the corner, they can edit branded templates, order professional prints and take delivery.

Not only does this present a professional image to customers, it means that the carefully crafted marketing messages and creative efforts, actually reach their intended audiences.