All marketers recognize the importance of consistent branding.

But when trying to reproduce your logo using print houses in multiple countries or continents, many marketing directors might quickly find that maintaining consistency is a near impossible task.

The biggest reason for this is the different machines that different print houses use. Ink colors, toners and quality can vary markedly between print machines, leaving the finished document looking significantly different from what you so carefully prepared.

Print houses might not use the same software as you do, meaning that the perfectly formatted PDF that you sent them might appear very differently on their screens.

Even humidity levels can subtly affect the final product’s coloring.

Differences in the appearance of your logo make it harder to build up brand recognition and trust.

They also risk making your company look poorly managed, as customers or investors attribute discrepancies in logo appearance to sloppy work, as opposed to logistical difficulties.

Gelato’s handpicked local partners allow us to ensure that our products are as close to identical as possible, no matter where in the world they are produced.

We identify printing houses in every country that have invested in the latest, multi-million dollar printers, such as HP Indigo machines, which are used by the majority of our partners.

We also use identical inks and papers globally.

In fact, every one of our printers globally starts their day with a fifteen-minute color testing process so Gelato can ensure identical color output whether the machine is in Chicago or China or Chile.

Our unique software ensures that printing houses follow the correct parameters for each order so the same settings are used wherever and whenever you produce material.

All of this guarantees that your finished product will look the same, no matter where its printed.

With our technology, you can make your brand recognizable across the globe.